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The SDA has been created to provide both initial assistance and on-going support for each and every one of its member companies in our now rapidly expanding private safety deposit box industry.
The Association has been specifically created by industry professionals, for industry professionals.

These are exciting times and company members will not only be vitally instrumental in shaping the future growth of our industry but also gain considerable commercial advantages over non-members.

You will be joining a unique mix of high quality professional companies all of whom are well respected and in common hold one key goal in mind, that of “Providing safe, covenant, and stress free solutions, for storing precious items”

Your Key Benefits of Being a Member of the Safety Deposit Association

  • Advice and Guidance within the SDA field of expertise.
  • Representation - Your views, concerns and issues being presented to the appropriate bodies.
  • Marketing – The association is and will continue be your point of reference for new clients.
  • Point of Contact – Experts in all fields within the industry.
  • Discounts/preferential terms from businesses specialising in safety deposit industry products.
  • Security Issues, claims and concerns.


As the association grows so will be the benefits that can be offered.

The obvious question now should be, why wouldn’t you want to be part of the Association?